Introducing Inference

ISBN13 : 978-0923573386

Author(s) : Marilyn Toomey

Publisher : Circuit Publications, 2000

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Inference is important in everyday life as well as in academic tasks. Language students can often have difficulty drawing inference and have even more difficulty explaining their reasoning.

Introducing Inference aims to unmask inference and encourages your students to talk through their reasoning. Students ease into inferring through identifying missing parts of objects identified, sequences where one of the pictures is missing, and predicting and analysing outcomes.

Students learn how to use inferential reasoning by using four sensible steps:

  • Recognise information that's given
  • Identify missing information-usually found in one's own store of knowledge or experience
  • Combine information from BOTH sources
  • Tell you how they figured it out!

Students are encouraged to use this method of inference throughout the book.

Suitable for ages 6-10, tasks increase in difficulty as they progress.

Marilyn Toomey