It's Haircut Time

How one little boy overcomes his fear of haircuts

ISBN13 : 9781935567332

Author(s) : Michele Griffin

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2012

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Children with sensory issues can find seemingly 'normal' processes, such as getting a haircut, as terrifying.

Go along with one nervous little boy, as he faces a day he DREADS - Haircut Day. He hides under the bed with fear at the beginning, but by the end, he has learned that it's not so scary. He learns to cope with his fear of the barber, and even maybe like it a little!

Michele Griffin is no stranger to 'picky' children, having spent 7 years as a paediatric occupational therapist working with children who had sensory issues.

This book was written to foster communication, tolerance and understanding between adults and children, and to help parents and therapists deal with when children say "I won't go!"

Michele Griffin