JVIS Manual (CD-ROM)

Author(s) : Douglas N. Jackson

Publisher : Sigma Assessment Systems, Inc., 2000

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The Jackson Vocational Interest Survey (JVIS) is a career interest assessment appropriate for use with high school and university students, and for career planning with adults. It consists of 289 pairs of statements describing job related activities.

Scoring yields a gender-fair profile of the 34 basic interest scales. These scales encompass work roles relevant to a variety of occupations and work styles indicative of culture or environment preferences.

The JVIS Manual (CD-ROM) provides information on:

  • Nature and purpose
  • Administration, Scoring and Interpretation
  • Test Construction
  • Psychometric Properties
  • Research using of the JVIS

The JVIS Manual is only available on a CD-ROM, there is no hard copy available.

Douglas N. Jackson

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