Language Activity Resource Kit 2nd ed. (LARK-2) Manual

Author(s) : Richard A. Dressler

Publisher : Pro-Ed USA, 2005

SKU : 500LAR

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The Language Activity Resource Kit 2nd ed. (LARK-2) is for use in language therapy with adults who have moderate to severe language disorders.

The LARK-2 Manual and Workbook tells the clinician how to use the LARK-2 materials in their adult speech and language therapy sessions.

The workbook provides the therapist with engaging reproducible activity and exercise sheets for use in the hospital, clinic, or rehabilitation centre. They can also be sent home with the patient as an extension of face-to-face therapy.

The second edition manual offers suggestions for using the LARK-2 materials to enhance comprehension and expression in general and to help the language-impaired patient with functional communication. The therapy suggestions emphasise the use of strategies to compensate for any handicapping condition. The materials in the second edition LARK are functional and can be used with patients of all levels of severity.

Richard A. Dressler

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