Learn to Have Fun with Your Senses

The Sensory Avoider's Survival Guide

ISBN13 : 9781935567240

Author(s) : John Taylor

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2011

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For children who try to avoid sensory stimulation, seemingly simple activities can cause unwanted stress. Making inappropriate responses to sensory input from various senses is commonly referred to as sensory processing disorder, or SPD.

Through questionnaires, activities, and quick tips, Learn to Have Fun with Your Senses teaches fun and easy ways for children to manage and respond to sensory defensiveness.

Children learn to relax and have fun with their senses (touch, movement, hearing, vision, taste, and smell). Written directly to the child, this book attempts to explain what can go wrong when the brain inappropriately magnifies the messages sensory organs send to it.

Although presented in a "read about your own problems" format directed at the child, the title also includes brief sections for parents, occupational therapists, and teachers.

John Taylor