Learning in Motion: 101+ Sensory Activities for Children

Great Ways to Improve Learning and Behavior

ISBN13 : 9781932565904

Author(s) : Patricia Angermeier, Joan Krzyzanowski and Kristina Keller Moir

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2009

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Ideal for preschool, kindergarten, and primary classes, each activity in Learning in Motion provides age appropriate activities for every week of the school year.

The title has been developed to attract and keep children's interest by using a multi-sensory approach, in order to improve children's learning and behaviour.

Each classroom-ready activity includes:

  • Activity goals
  • Time required
  • Educational objectives
  • Materials list
  • Step-by-step procedures
  • Adaptations for children with special needs
  • Multilevel instruction to match different abilities

Activities are organised by month (the book begins with September activities and ends with August activities), so educators can quickly choose activities that correspond with seasons, holidays, and educational goals throughout the year.

Each activity also includes a "Letter to Parents" that may be copied and sent home with the children. These specially tailored letters provide a brief description of the activity, explain the educational purpose behind it, and suggest related home activities to help the children grow.

Learning in Motion is perfect for preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers, primary school teachers, special educators, support personnel, staff-development specialists and early-childhood specialists.

Please note this is an American publication and follows the American school year format.

Patricia Angermeier, Joan Krzyzanowski and Kristina Keller Moir