Learning to Love

The Developing Relationships Between Mother, Father and Baby During the First Year.

ISBN13 : 9780864313652

Author(s) : Lorraine Rose

Publisher : ACER Press, 2000

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An invaluable and engaging resource for new and expectant parents, Learning to Love explores the evolving relationship between mother, father and baby.

Focusing on the first year of life, it looks at the emotional dimension and intensity of pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of parenting, and offers an understanding of the baby's emotional needs.

Author Lorraine Rose understands the hopes and fears that every new parent has. In Learning to Love she describes how the process of becoming a parent puts a person in touch with feelings and with memories of their own infancy and childhood. These can help parents relate to their own child, or can make it more painful and difficult.

It brings alive the reality of the baby's emotional world and looks at how relationship and love grow and how emotional growth can be felt and enjoyed. A capacity to 'read' each other develops within the parent and the baby, and it is this capacity that lays the foundation for empathy with others and for future intimate relationships.

Lorraine Rose