LiPS Manual

Author(s) : Patricia C. Lindamood and Phyllis D. Lindamood

Publisher : Pro-Ed USA,, 2011

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The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program for Reading, Spelling, and Speech-Fourth Edition (LiPS-4) is a comprehensive multisensory program that uses explicit, systematic instruction to develop phonological awareness, decoding, spelling, and reading skills.

The revised LiPS-4 Manual provides theoretical foundations and a detailed description of the LiPS Program steps.

The main parts of the manual include

  • Introduction to the Program
  • Identifying and classifying speech sounds by place and manner of articulation
  • Simple syllables and words
  • Complex syllables and words
  • Spelling and reading
  • Multi-syllable words
  • Reading for comprehension
  • Spelling in context

The manual includes outlines and sample dialogue to help students develop phonemic awareness and abilities in reading and spelling.

Two DVDs accompany the manual and include extensive dialogues, chains and word lists, frequently asked questions, and audio and video examples.

Patricia C. Lindamood and Phyllis D. Lindamood

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