Listening and Remembering Specific Details

Author(s) : Jean Gilliam DeGaetano

Publisher : Great Ideas for Teaching, Inc., 1995

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Students with auditory processing problems are able to remember general information better than they can remember specific information and details. Tests identify the problem, but few programs have been written to remediate this serious deficit.

Suitable for PreK to Year 2, Listening and Remembering Specific Details contains reproducible activities that aim to help students learn and listen for specific details in short stories.

There are two short stories in each lesson.

The first story has a large picture which provides visual clues for remembering specific details in that story. The actions in the second story are not pictured, because they are about something that will happen later. Therefore, the students must listen very carefully as that story is read.

Before the stories are read, the students are told three questions that they are to remember in each story. After listening to the story, they will be asked the same three questions plus two more to see how well they remember the specific details.

Jean Gilliam DeGaetano