Little Learners Stage 7 (Unit 1) Readers (Books 31-35)

Author(s) : Maureen Pollard

Publisher : Learning Logic

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Little Learners Love Literacy teaches children to read, spell and write with confidence. It is developed from evidence-based research with explicit activities to engage children's interest while teaching phonemic awareness (the ability to hear sounds in words, segment and blend sounds, as well as syllabification) and phonic skills to learn to read and write.

Once children know the first 8 sounds in Stage 1, they start reading five decodable Little Learner books to put their skills into practice. These illustrated books enable children to read using their knowledge of the letters and sounds to decode text and discover the joy of reading.

There are 45 books divided into stages. Each stage is carefully sequenced and introduces new letters and sounds building on the skills from the previous stage. All Little Learner books are expertly levelled to support readers as they move through the stages of learning to read.

Each stage has a small number of Heart words - high frequency words that children need to learn by heart. At the back of each book there is a 'vocabulary check' and 'questions to talk about' section.

Little Learners Stage 7 (Unit 1) Readers (Books 31-35) includes one copy of each Stage 7 (Unit 1) Reader:

  • The Snails That Tim Forgot
  • The Teeny Tiny Tree
  • Beach Camp
  • The Not So Good Goat
  • The Sky High Pie Shop
Maureen Pollard