MagneTalk Feelings Magnetic Board Game

Author(s) : Sharon G. Webber

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

SKU : 838GAM

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MagneTalk Feelings is a multi-use magnetic game to help young children talk about their emotions.

How to Play

For one activity, place one of six "feelings scenes" in the centre of the board. Have your child choose a "feelings" magnetic tile that goes with the picture, and have him/her talk about the scene. For added fun, have the child pick a tile that shows how he/she would feel in this situation. As a third activity, match the feelings tile with the children's faces on the board and talk about different emotions.

The Six "Feelings" Scenes are:

  1. A boy is opening his birthday present
  2. A girl is sick in bed
  3. A man has a flat tire
  4. A girl has a frog jumping on her head
  5. A boy watches a dinosaur movie on TV
  6. A girl hurts knee in a bike accident

Each set includes a magnetic game board, the six feelings scenes, 12 vinyl, magnetic feelings tiles and extra game idea.

Suitable for all ages.

Sharon G. Webber