Manners Matter!

Temple Talks to Kids Series

ISBN13 : 9781941765593

Author(s) : Temple Grandin

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2018

SKU : 5437BK

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For decades Temple Grandin has been a voice and a positive force in the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) community. Through her books and speaking engagements she has inspired and enlightened teachers, therapists, professionals, and families with her perspectives about life with autism.

Now, in Manners Matter! Temple steps away from the world of adults and talks directly to kids themselves, sharing her experiences living with and growing up with autism in kid-friendly language and colourfully illustrated stories and characters.

This first book in the Temple Talks to Kids series focuses on manners and social niceties, what Temple considers to be the key that unlocks doors to social interaction, social acceptance, and social opportunities across our lives. Kids will delight in Temple’s familiar straight-shooting language about the importance of manners and adults will appreciate the hard-won wisdom and advice she provides.

Temple Grandin