Meet Me Where I'm At

ISBN13 : 9781941765395

Author(s) : Cindy Best and Joyce Shor Johnson

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2017

SKU : 5420BK

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Meet Me Where I'm At helps children understand how they are wired and it gives them a way to communicate without having to express it verbally or face-to-face. It provides something concrete that could be individualised and given to new teachers, coaches, or friends to help them understand who the child is and how he or she functions best. Most importantly, this resource teaches children how to advocate for themselves!

The many gifted and spirited children the author works with at A.R.T.S (Adaptive art. Respite. & Therapeutic play. Services.) inspired her to write this book. Often times, she noticed children felt misunderstood at home, school, and in the community.

Cindy Best and Joyce Shor Johnson