Milo's Read and Grab Coral Game 9

ISBN13 : 9780994638304

Author(s) : Maureen Pollard

Publisher : Learning Logic, 2017


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Little Learners Love Literacy teaches children to read, spell and write with confidence. It is developed from evidence-based research with explicit activities to engage children's interest while teaching phonemic awareness (the ability to hear sounds in words, segment and blend sounds, as well as syllabification) and phonic skills to learn to read and write.

The Milo resources complement the Little Learners Love Literacy program with a focus on teaching children to think about, talk about, synthesise and apply their developing knowledge of letters and sounds to reading, writing and spelling.

Milo's Read and Grab Word Games help children practise reading and decoding words while having fun. The aim is to collect as many sets of cards as possible. Each set of cards has a matching colour and one of Milo's friends.

Milo's Read and Grab Coral Game 9 game focuses on teaching words with alternative graphemes for /ai/ as in rain, /ee/ as in see and /igh/ as in night.

Maureen Pollard