My Feelings Matter

A book for little people with BIG feelings

ISBN13 : 9780648261308

Author(s) : Sara Stace. Illustrated by Tamara Hackett

Publisher : TeePee Learning, 2018

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For children, naming a feeling and expressing it in a healthy way takes time and learning.

My Feeling Matter can help children communicate through the use of child-friendly pictures. Each page displays an illustration showing a different emption or sense to help children explain how they are feeling.

Author Sara Stace created My Feelings Matter for her son, Hudson, who has high functioning autism. Sara's belief is that all children want to share about their feelings but just don't have the skills on how to start - often as adults we don't either. This book is to help parents, teachers, therapist's and carers help children name their feelings.

Using My Feelings Matters, you can have your child point to the picture if they are unable to verbally communicate or struggle in this area. You may ask your child to flip through and find a picture on how they feel - often they may not know until they see a visual. The "How I am feeling" and "How you can help" sections are fantastic resources for parents, teachers, therapist's and carers.

Let's learn healthy communication together for a better world!

Suitable for ages 2+.

Sara Stace. Illustrated by Tamara Hackett