My Friend with Autism

Enhanced Edition (with CD)

ISBN13 : 9781935274186

Author(s) : Beverly Bishop

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2011

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My Friend with Autism is the direct result of parent Beverly Bishop's determination to educate her son's classmates about autism, thus helping her son fit in at school.

A peer narrator explains that his friend with autism is good at some things and not so good at others-just like everyone else! In an informative, positive tone, the book addresses issues such as:

  • Sensory Sensitivity
  • Communication Differences
  • Unique Ways of Playing
  • Insistence on Routine

At the end of the book are Page-by-Page Notes for Adults, which supplement the text with facts and explanations to further educate teachers and classmates' parents.

The FREE companion CD contains a printable colouring page for every page of the book, the Page-by-Page Notes for Adults and other features such as:

  • 18 Signs and Symptoms of an Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • 10 Quick Strategies for Helping a Child with Autism
  • Recommended Reading And more!

This enhanced edition is printed in colour (unlike the previous edition), ensuring that the bright colours keep the child's attention.

A must read for any teacher that has autistic children in the classroom or parents of children who have autistic classmates and friends.

Beverly Bishop