My Special Brother Bo

ISBN13 : 9781941765920

Author(s) : Britt E. Collins. Illustrated by Brittany Bone-Roth

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2019

SKU : 5475BK

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Lucy is a sweet girl who loves her younger brother, Bo. She enjoys time with her friends and family, but does not always understand why her brother Bo gets special treatment.

Written by a pediatric occupational therapist who has worked with children with special needs for over thirteen years, My Special Brother Bo offers families a way to talk about their child with special needs and help siblings relate to life's experiences. Through this sweet story of love and acceptance, siblings of children with special needs will hear that they are loved and hold a unique place within their family. Through Lucy's voice, children will gain a better understanding of how important and loved they are.

Britt E. Collins. Illustrated by Brittany Bone-Roth