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Publisher : ACER Press, 2005


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The Middle Years Ability Test (MYAT) is a test of general ability for use with students aged 10-15 years.

Containing literacy, numeracy and non-verbal (abstract) items in two parallel forms and Australian norms, the MYAT is an excellent tool for schools to utilise in identifying gifted and talented students, and providing a more complete picture of a students' general ability.

The MYAT Manual is required for administrative and scoring information. The manual is used to score the assessment and:

  • Is used for both Form A & Form B
  • Includes up-to-date Australian Norms
  • Includes the MYAT score keys

Using the score keys, raw scores will be determined for each student. These raw scores are then converted using the norm tables into scale scores, percentiles and stanines.

Teachers can then use the manual to complete a MYAT report for each student, and interpret the results.

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