MYAT Test Booklet A

Publisher : ACER Press, 2005


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The Middle Years Ability Test (MYAT) is a test of general ability for use with students aged 10-15 years.

Containing literacy, numeracy and non-verbal (abstract) items in two parallel forms and Australian norms, the MYAT is an excellent tool for schools to utilise in identifying gifted and talented students, and providing a more complete picture of a students' general ability.

MYAT Test Booklet A is suitable for students aged 10 to 15 years (approximately Year 5 to Year 9).

MYAT Test Booklet A and Test Booklet B are parallel forms - each is pitched at roughly the same level of student ability.

All items in each test booklet are individually different, but each test contains three sub-tests (25 questions in each of the literacy, numeracy and non-verbal domains).

The existence of a second parallel form of the MYAT allows teachers to verify original results in a second testing, or to use the other booklet at some later stage to see if students have developed further skills or understandings over a certain period of time.

The parallel form also allows teachers to give students alternating test booklets, to minimise the chance of copying in testing sessions.

Test Booklets are reusable. Students mark their answers on the separate MYAT OMR Answer Sheet.

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