Neo Personality Inventory – Revised (NEO PI-R)

Author(s) : Paul T. Costa, Jr. and Robert R. McCrae

Publisher : PAR


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The NEO Personality Inventory-3 (NEO PI-3) was published in 2010. For all new users, please see the NEO PI-3. The NEO PI-3 is available as a hard-copy assessment, an online assessment, or can be scored via Scoring Software.

Purpose: Obtain a detailed assessment of normal personality

Age: 17-89 years

Time: 30-40 minutes      

Administration: Individual and group

Format: Hard-copy; Software Scoring; Online

The NEO Personality Inventory–Revised (NEO PI-R) provides a systematic assessment of emotional, interpersonal, experiential, attitudinal, and motivational styles - a detailed personality description that can be a valuable resource for a variety of professionals. The inventory is a concise measure of the five major domains of personality and the six facets that define each domain:

  1. Neuroticism - Anxiety, Hostility, Depression, Self-Consciousness, Impulsiveness, Vulnerability
  2. Extroversion - Warmth, Gregariousness, Assertiveness, Activity, Excitement-Seeking, Positive Emotions
  3. Openness to Experience - Fantasy, Aesthetics, Feelings, Actions, Ideas, Values
  4. Agreeableness - Trust, Modesty, Compliance, Altruism, Straightforwardness, Tender-Mindedness
  5. Conscientiousness - Competence, Self-Discipline, Achievement-Striving, Dutifulness, Order, Deliberation

Taken together, the five domain scales and 30 facet scales of the NEO PI-R, including the scales for the Agreeableness and the Conscientiousness domains, facilitate a comprehensive and detailed assessment of normal adult personality. Although the manual has been updated with the introduction of the NEO-PI-3, NEO PI-R norms and forms have not changed.

Key Features

  • Available in two parallel versions, each containing 240 items and three validity items.

    Form S - self-report measure for use with adult men and women

    Form R - observer report measure, written in the third person for peer, spouse, or expert ratings

  • Each item is rated on a 5-point scale
Paul T. Costa, Jr. and Robert R. McCrae

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