Non-verbal Reasoning Test Ages 10 & 11 Pupil Booklet (pkg 10)

Author(s) : Pauline Smith and Neil Hagness

Publisher : GL Assessment, 1992

SKU : 104NVR

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The Non-Verbal Reasoning Test is a standardised assessment that measures pupils' ability to engage in key reasoning processes with context-free visual information. It is used to assess the likely ease with which a student will be able to acquire new concepts and understand new ideas across a range of subjects.

The Non-Verbal Reasoning Ages 10 & 11 Pupil Booklets are:

  • Completed by the student (ages 10-11 years)
  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Consumable-Need to be replaced each time testing takes place.
Pauline Smith and Neil Hagness

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