OMNI-IV Personality Disorder Inventory Counter Serial Number (25) (On-Screen Administration)

Author(s) : Armand W. Loranger

Publisher : PAR

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The OMNI Personality Inventory and OMNI-IV Personality Disorder Inventory assess normal and abnormal personality traits, which can be used with normal adults and with individuals who have a suspected or diagnosed psychiatric disorder.

The OMNI-IV must be scored using the OMNI-IV software download, which is included in the kit. The test can be administered on-screen (using Counter Serial Number uses), or you may enter responses from Test Booklets.

The software generates an interpretive report that includes a broad range of information about the individual's personality characteristics and deviations from normality using the language and typology of the DSM-IV Axis II classification of personality disorders.

The OMNI-IV Personality Inventory Counter Serial Number (25) allows for 25 on-screen administration of the OMNI-IV, via the OMNI-IV Software (completed on the system where the software is installed).

Please note an internet connection is required for counter update.

Armand W. Loranger

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