Online Customer Service AP™ Certification

Author(s) : Jotham Friedland, PhD & Sander Marcus, PhD

Publisher : MHS, 2021

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Customer service professionals are often seen as the face of an organisation and their performance can directly impact customer satisfaction rates, loyalty and reputation. This makes hiring and training the best customer service talent with the right skill set the key to successful customer onboarding and retention.

Employee turnover can be a significant drain on your resources due to decreased levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. The Customer Service Aptitude Profile (CS AP™) is designed to help you hire, develop and engage high-performing customer service talent, to delight customers and grow your business

The CS AP™ enables users to identify critical skills in candidates, as well as gaps and development opportunities for current employees in customer service roles.

The CS AP™ includes self-paced, online certification materials to help you get the most out of the tool.
  • E-Learning Modules: Self-paced, online training modules allow you to get certified anywhere, anytime.
  • User Guide: Simplified and easy-to-use, this guide can be accessed anytime, to help you administer, interpret and use the CS AP™ to its highest potential.
  • Technical Manual: Learn about the science behind the assessment, with key insights on the tool’s reliability and validity. A great resource to get buy-in from senior leadership.
  • Talent Assessment Portal (TAP): 60 tokens to generate your first report– Access your CS AP™ Resources, administer the assessment and generate reports through your online TAP account.

CS AP™ Interview Guide Sample Report

CS AP™ Development Sample Report

Please note: You must purchase and complete the self-paced, online certification to use the Customer Service AP.

Jotham Friedland, PhD & Sander Marcus, PhD

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