Online MHS Talent Assessment Portal Token: Sales AP (Sales AP™)

Author(s) : Jotham Friedland, PhD & Sander Marcus, PhD

Publisher : MHS, 2021

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The Online MHS Talent Assessment Portal offers assessments specialising in emotional intelligence and entrepreneurship. These range of tools measure and manage talent and are ideal for use in coaching, organisation and leadership development, selection, and succession planning.

You can send your client an assessment via the MHS Talent Assessment Portal at any time (at no charge) - when you are ready to generate your reports, you will require tokens to generate them

Sales professionals are at the heart of organisations, and their roles have the unique power of positively impacting the top-line growth of a business. This makes hiring and training the best sales talent with the right skill set the key to a thriving and prosperous organisation.

The Sales AP™ enables users to identify critical skills in candidates, as well as gaps and development opportunities for current employees in sales roles.

Sales AP™ reports require the following number of tokens (per report):

  • Sales AP™ Interview Guide: 64
  • Sales AP™ Development Report: 64

Sales AP™ Development Sample Report

Jotham Friedland, PhD & Sander Marcus, PhD