Online RIAS-2 Interpretive Reports (pkg 5)

Author(s) : Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD, and Randy W. Kamphaus, PhD

Publisher : PAR, 2016

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The Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales - Second Edition (RIAS-2) is an objective, comprehensive assessment of intelligence and its major components. With a low emphasis on motor demand, it offers a more accurate and valid assessment than similar measures.

The RIAS-2 is able to be administered and scored online, via PARiConnect. PARiConnect assesses your clients when and where you need-you can administer assessments online and generate score and Interpretive Reports instantly (assessment dependant).

The Online RIAS-2 Interpretive Report provides scores, profiles, and interpretive text based on response data from a paper-and-pencil assessment (where the examiner would key enter the responses).

Sample Online RIAS-2 Interpretive Report

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Cecil R. Reynolds, PhD, and Randy W. Kamphaus, PhD

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