PAI-CS Professional Manual

Author(s) : John F. Edens and Mark A. Ruiz

Publisher : PAR, 2005

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The PAI Interpretive Report for Correctional Settings (PAI-CS) enables correctional psychologists and staff to generate an interpretive report that identifies offenders' risk of institutional misconduct during incarceration, describes offenders' psychosocial needs, and estimates how offenders are likely to respond to incarceration and rehabilitative programs.

The PAI-CS is able to be administered and scored online, via PARiConnect. PARiConnect assesses your clients when and where you need-you can administer assessments online and generate score and interpretive reports instantly (assessment dependant).

To set up an online PARiConnect account, please email Lexie.Marhsall@acer.edu.au with your account request.

The PAI-CS Professional Manual provides information on:

  • Uses of the PAI-CS
  • The Normative Sample
  • Reliability
  • Validity
  • Interpretation of the PAI in Correctional Settings
John F. Edens and Mark A. Ruiz

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