Parent Child Interaction (PCI) Standard Deviation Calculator Software

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The Parent-Child Interaction (PCI) Feeding & Teaching Scales are a well-developed set of observable behaviours that describe caregiver/parent child interaction in either a feeding or teaching situation.

A valid and reliable assessments for measuring parent-child interaction with an extensive body of research across disciplines, it provides excellent pre and post measures to document intervention effects for clinicians and researchers

The PCI Scales can provide concrete areas to guide intervention, transform the provider's view of the parent-child relationship and give the provider a new lens with which to see the strengths and opportunities for growth in the parent-child relationship.

The PCI Standard Deviation Calculator Software is used to calculate the standard deviation from the mean for those using the Feeding and/or Teaching Scales. It includes tables for Ethnic Groups, Mother's Age/Education, and 10th percentile cut-off score.

Please Note: Training is required to purchase the PCI. The name of a certified PCI Instructor is required when ordering.

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