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Publisher : PAR, 2018

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The Personality Assessment PAS-O is a 22-item informant report designed to obtain information from an observer (such as a spouse, relative, or close friend) about a client. It screens for a broad range of clinical issues and was developed to complement the self-report PAS.

Features and benefits

  • Items are directly parallel to the 22 items on the self-report PAS and corresponding items on the parent instrument, the PAI.
  • Use in conjunction with the PAS or PAI to support and validate a client's PAS results, and help inform the need for follow-up testing.
  • The only informant personality assessment normed on score discrepancies between informant and self-report.
  • Suitable for instances when a client is unable to complete the PAS due to confusion, thought disorder, or other limitations

The PAS-O can be completed in about 5 minutes, and contains just two components - a carbonless Response Form and a Score Summary and Profile Form, on which clinicians can plot element raw scores, raw difference T  scores, global dissimiliarity scores, and configural similiarity T scores.

The PAS-O features 10 elements representing 10 distinct domains of clinical problems, and is written at a fourth-grade level.

The PAS-O Kit includes:

  • Manual (Including Fast Guide)
  • 25 PAS-O Response Forms
  • 25 PAS-O Score Summary and Profile Forms
Leslie C. Morey

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