PAT Maths 4th ed. Non-OMR Answer Sheet Tests 3–10 (pkg 10)

Publisher : ACER Press, 2013


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Please note: NON-OMR Answer sheets are while stocks last. Once remaining stock has sold, you will need to purchase OMR answer sheets. OMR Answer sheets can be hand-scored using the Teacher Manual in the same way as NON-OMR Answer sheets.

PAT Maths 4th ed. is used to monitor progress in mathematics and to provide teachers with diagnostic information to inform teaching, for Years 1 -10.

PAT Maths 4th ed. contains new test items and more difficult tests compared to the previous editions, and tests/items are designed to assess the strands and levels described in the Australian Mathematics Curriculum.

A new feature of the 4th ed. is a scoring software for generating more functional group and individual reports; and includes detailed descriptions on using the data to inform teaching and learning.

PAT Maths 4th ed. Non-OMR Answer Sheets are used with PAT Maths 4th ed. Test Booklets 3 - 10.

  • Sold in packs of 10
  • Consumable - Students mark their responses on the Answer Sheet (Answer Sheets need to be replaced each time testing takes place)
  • Non-OMR indicates that these answer sheets may only be scored by hand using the PAT Maths 4th Ed. Manual.
  • Non-OMR Answer Sheets are used in the same way as OMR answer sheets by the students, the only aesthetic difference being that the bubbles for shading are slightly larger.

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