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Target teaching to every student's strengths

The PAT Teaching Resources Centre helps you differentiate teaching in your classroom, offering the perfect resources to challenge each student at the appropriate level.

The PAT Teaching Resources Centre spans the learning areas of Reading, Maths, STEM Contexts, and Vocabulary Skills from the first year of school to Year 10, and includes thousands of evidence-based teaching activities, annotated questions, videos, remote learning activities and more, all mapped to local and national curricula.

Teachers have access to over 230 Maths concept builders, 800 Maths annotated questions and skill illustrations, 350 Reading teaching activities, 750 Reading annotated questions and skill illustrations and 60 STEM Contexts annotated questions. 

Direct in-platform links connect students’ PAT assessment data to targeted resources in the PAT Teaching Resources Centre, enabling you to differentiate teaching in your classroom by offering the perfect resources to challenge each student at the appropriate level.


Subscribe to the PAT Teaching Resources Centre to support your students’ individual learning progress with targeted activities and resources.

Annotated questions
Annotated questions are analyses of actual PAT assessment questions, providing detailed explanations of the skills being assessed.
Skill illustrations are exemplar items with additional information that explains the skills needed to provide the correct response. They do not explicitly use live PAT assessment questions. This ensures you can focus on the broader skills being tested rather than on specific PAT questions.

Teaching activities
These are teaching ideas that cover specific mathematics and reading activities to help you develop your students' skills in areas where they are lacking, or to provide stretch challenges. They are not prescriptive, and they allow for your expert knowledge and interpretation of your students' ability levels.

The Teaching Resources Centre includes an extensive range of videos for teachers and students.
Professional support for teachers: these videos provide an opportunity for professional learning around improving students' reading comprehension and using Teaching Resources Centre teaching activities in lessons.

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