PI-ED Record Form (pkg 50)

Author(s) : Suzy O'Connor, Terri Carney, Emma House, Eamonn Ferguson and Rory O'Connor

Publisher : GL Assessment, 2010

SKU : 600PED

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The Paediatric Index of Emotional Distress (PI-ED) is a brief self-rating scale that screens children and young people for emotional distress. Based on the Hospital Anxiety & Depression Scale (HADS), the PI-ED assesses psychological distress using one brief questionnaire, comprising 14 questions that are presented on one page.

It asks children and young people about their symptoms of anxiety and depression. A concrete cut-off score then clearly identifies individuals most in need of further clinical assessment and intervention.

The PI-ED is the only measure of its kind designed for use with both children that have physical health problems (i.e. those in paediatric clinics and hospitals) and children in a normal population.

The PI-ED Record Form provides instructions and an example item to the respondent. Once that has been completed, they go through and tick one box in response to each of the 14 items.

To score, the clinician unfolds the flaps (that hide the scores) and circles the number next to each box that the respondent ticked (each tick box is allocated a score from 0-3). All the circled numbers are added together to provide the Total Score.

Suzy O'Connor, Terri Carney, Emma House, Eamonn Ferguson and Rory O'Connor

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