PIC-2 Behavioural Summary AutoScore Answer Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : David Lachar and Christian P. Gruber

Publisher : WPS, 2001

SKU : 100PIC

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The Personality Inventory for Children, Second Edition (PIC-2) is used to evaluate the emotional, behavioural, cognitive, and interpersonal adjustment of children and teens. It includes 275 true/false items.

When you need a shorter administration, the PIC-2 offers a Behavioral Summary, which is comprised of the first 96 items on the test. Requiring just 15 minutes to administer, this version can be used for screening, research, or monitoring behaviour change. It includes eight of the Adjustment Scales (all except Cognitive Impairment), each shortened to just 12 items.

The Behavioral Summary Profile provides scores for the eight scales, plus a Total Score and three Composites: Externalization, Internalization, and Social Adjustment. Because the items on this short form are all in the present tense and all focused on conditions and behaviours that are responsive to relatively brief intervention, the Behavioral Summary is especially helpful in designing and evaluating individual treatment plans. It can be used on its own or scored as part of the full test.

The PIC-2 Behavioural Summary AutoScore Answer Form is used for administering the Behavioural Summary Profile. It conveniently includes all materials required to administer and score - the 96 items, a sheet where responses are recorded, materials for scoring and the Profile Form (to generate the T scores).

Alternatively, if the examiner already has PIC-2 full scale materials, they can provide the full scale Administration Booklet and instruct respondents to complete the first 96 items only on the answer sheet, then use the correct Scoring Template and Behavioural Summary Profile for scoring.

David Lachar and Christian P. Gruber

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