Pirate Talk Game

Receptive & Expressive Language Game

Author(s) : Sarah Michaels

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

SKU : 140GAM

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Pirate Talk is a receptive and expressive language game that target 7 essential communication skills:

  1. Sentence Repetition
  2. Answering Questions
  3. Following Directions
  4. Categorising
  5. Inferencing
  6. Describing
  7. Social Skills

The 150 colour-coded cards are in five categories: School, People, Home, Community, and Activities. This makes Pirate Talk a game that can be easily be adapted to meet each student's abilities by choosing the appropriate questions(s) for each player.

Pirate Talk includes:

  • Game Board (45cm x 45cm)
  • 150 Receptive and Expressive Language Cards (5 subjects, 30 cards each)
  • 6 Pirate Player Pieces
  • 100 Gold Coins
  • Electronic Spinner (1-3)
  • Instructions and game variations
Sarah Michaels