Pre-Schoolers with Autism: An Education & Skills Training Programme for Parents

Manual for Clinicians

ISBN13 : 9781843103417

Author(s) : Avril V. Brereton and Bruce J.Tonge

Publisher : Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2005

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This ground-breaking training programme has been developed in response to a real need for evidence-based early interventions for very young autistic children.

Extensively tried and tested, it will help both parents and carers to understand the disorder and how it affects child development. Ultimately, the programme is designed to reduce the severity of emotional/behavioural difficulties by managing a child's particular problems and encouraging effective collaboration between professionals and parents.

The programme is delivered through two accessible manuals - one for parents and one for clinicians - which provide all the information and materials you need.

The Manual for Clinicians explains the purpose and content of each session and includes notes for discussion and teaching, a checklist of "things to do", and photocopiable task sheets for distribution and discussion.

Structured as a series of individual and small group sessions, the programme is designed to run for 20 weeks and covers key areas such as:

  • Understanding and managing difficult behaviour
  • Changing/encouraging new behaviours
  • Communication problems in verbal and non-verbal children
  • Social problems
  • How to work and play together.

Together, the Parent and Clinician manuals provide you with all the information, support and resources you need to run this programme successfully.

Avril V. Brereton is Senior Research Fellow for the Centre for Developmental Psychiatry and Psychology-Monash Medical Centre.

Bruce J. Tonge is Professor and Head of the Monash University School of Psychology and Psychiatry and Psychological Medicine and established the successful Centre for Developmental Psychology and Psychiatry.