Profile of Mood States - Second Edition (POMS-2)

Author(s) : Juvia P. Heuchert and Douglas M. McNair

Publisher : MHS, 2012


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Purpose: Measures transient, fluctuating and enduring affect states

Age: 13–50+ years (60+ norm group optional)

Time: Full length: 10–15 minutes; Short: 5–10 minutes

Format: Online

The Profile of Mood States - 2nd Edition (POMS-2) assesses the mood states of individuals. The self-report scales are a collection of tools that allow for the quick assessment of transient, fluctuating feelings and enduring affect states.

The tool is applicable in clinical, medical, research, and athletic settings, where its sensitivity to change makes the assessment ideal for treatment monitoring and evaluation as well as clinical trials.

The POMS-2 covers two age ranges: Adults aged 18+ years (POMS 2–A) and Adolescents 13 to 17 years (POMS 2–Y). Both POMS-2 instruments are available as full-length and short versions, all administered online.


POMS 2 Full-Length Forms

The POMS 2–A is comprised of 65 items, while the POMS 2–Y is comprised of 60. These full-length versions yield six scale scores and a Total Mood Disturbance score. There is a separate Friendliness scale. These comprehensive versions are recommended for use when a thorough evaluation of mood is desired.

POMS 2 Short Forms

The POMS-2 Short Versions contain a subset of 35 items from the full-length versions. This subset comprises those five items on each of the POMS 2–A and POMS 2–Y scales that exhibited good item-total correlations that best predict their respective scale scores. Short versions provide an efficient means for determining the need for additional assessment or services. These versions are useful when screening or when multiple administrations are required for monitoring and evaluating intervention programs.


  • Anger-Hostility
  • Confusion-Bewilderment
  • Depression-Dejection
  • Fatigue-Inertia
  • Tension-Anxiety
  • Vigour-Activity
  • Friendliness

MHS Assessment Center+ QuickStart Guide

Sample Online POMS-2 Adult Report

Sample Online POMS-2 Adult Short Report

Sample Online POMS-2 Youth Report

Sample Online POMS-2 Youth Short Report

Juvia P. Heuchert and Douglas M. McNair

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