PSI-4-SF Software Item/Response Sheet (pad of 25)

Author(s) : Richard R. Abidin

Publisher : PAR

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The Parenting Stress Index, Fourth Edition Short Form (PSI-4-SF), and abbreviated version of the Parenting Stress Index, Fourth Edition (PSI-4), is used to quickly identify parent-child problem areas.

Including 36-items, one simple form contains everything you need for administering the measure and for scoring and profiling results. The PSI-4-SF's brevity allows primary health care providers to identify and target those families most in need of follow-up services.

The PSI-4-SF can be administered and scored by hand, via scoring software, or online (PARiConnect).

The PSI-4-SF Software Item/Response Sheet allows for efficient data entry into the PSI-4 Software Portfolio (PSI-4-SP).

The convenient Software Item/Response Sheet contains both the item booklet and the answer sheet, all in one, allowing the respondent to complete the assessment with the one Booklet.

The clinician then uses this data, entering it into the PSI-4-SP for scoring and report generation.

PSI-4-SP PSI-4-SF Sample Interpretive Report

Richard R. Abidin

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