PSI-4-SP Counter Serial Number (25) (On-Screen Administration)

Author(s) : Richard R. Abidin

Publisher : PAR

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The Parenting Stress Index, Fourth Edition (PSI-4) is designed to evaluate the magnitude of stress in the parent-child system. It is a 120-item inventory that focuses on three major domains of stress: child characteristics, parent characteristics, and situational/demographic life stress.

The PSI-4 can be administered and scored by hand, via scoring software, or online (PARiConnect).

The PSI-4-SP Counter Serial Number (25) allows for on-screen administration of the PSI-4, via the PSI-4 Software.

Instead of inputting responses from a completed print administration, the client sits at the computer (where the PSI-4 Software is installed) and inputs their responses directly into the program, which can then be scored immediately.

Counter Serials allow for a more efficient process, and eradicate the need for hard copy forms when using the Software.

The PSI-4-SP Counter Serial Number (25) allows for 25 on-screen administrations.

PSI-4-SP Sample Interpretive Report

System Requirements

  • PSI-4 Software (already installed)
  • XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Mac users: install Windows in VirtualBox or BootCamp. Other virtual machine solutions (e.g., Parallels, VMWare) are not supported.
  • NTFS file system
  • CD-ROM drive for installation
  • Internet connection for activation and counter update.
Richard R. Abidin

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