Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types and Teams

Applying Team Essentials to Create Effective Teams

ISBN13 : 0974375136

Author(s) : Linda Berens, Linda Ernst and Melissa A.Smith

Publisher : Radiance House, 2004

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As individuals, we are each complex and adaptable, and one's behaviour may not reflect natural preferences but rather the demands of the situation and the ways one has developed.

The Quick Guide to the 16 Personality Types and Teams is a booklet for those who want to maximise the performance of their team through a better understanding of the interrelated influences on team dynamics and team success. It is written to help create a multidimensional awareness of one's contributions to a team and to give readers the tools to understand the talents, contributions, and perspectives of others.

This booklet describes the sixteen personality types within each of the Team Essentials™, including how they are likely to behave on a team, and offers suggestions for forging relationships and communicating effectively with each type.

Worksheets are provided to help your team apply the basics of effective teamwork-Team Essentials™. Mapping the Team worksheets are provided to view team diversity using four different models:

  1. Type Preferences
  2. Temperament
  3. Interaction Styles
  4. Cognitive Dynamics.

It includes a comprehensive case study for each model, using an example of a project team to help teams get started.

Linda Berens, Linda Ernst and Melissa A.Smith