RAIT Introductory Kit

Author(s) : Cecil R. Reynolds

Publisher : PAR, 2014

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The Reynolds Adaptable Intelligence Test (RAIT) assesses crystallised, fluid, and quantitative intelligence in children and adults (10-75 years of age).

The RAIT is designed to provide continuity of measurement across a wide age span and can be used to help determine a child's educational placement and diagnose various forms of childhood psychopathology.

The RAIT can be administered and scored by hand or online via PARiConnect.

The RAIT Introductory Kit includes:

  • RAIT Professional Manual and Fast Guide
  • 10 Reusable Item Booklets
  • 25 Answer Sheets
  • 25 Score Summary Forms
  • Set of 2 Scoring Keys
Cecil R. Reynolds

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