Reading Mastery - Reading/Literature (Grade 2): Workbook A

ISBN13 : 9780076125456

Publisher : Mcgraw Hill, 2007

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Reading Mastery Signature Edition uses the highly explicit, systematic approach of Direct Instruction (DI) to accelerate reading and help students achieve a high rate of success. Three strands address Reading, Language Arts, and Literature through a common instructional design that helps students learn more efficiently.

The Reading Mastery program contains:

  • Reading, Language Arts, and Literacy strands that can be used separately or together as a comprehensive system.
  • Data-driven placement for placing students at the appropriate instructional level.
  • Continuous curriculum-based assessments and remedies that allow teachers to monitor student progress and correct errors as they occur.

Reading Mastery - Reading (Grade 2): Workbook A contains the seatwork activities/worksheets for every lesson. Workbooks provide skill and comprehension activities and shape students’ ability to work independently.

There are three Workbooks for Grade 2, that cover the 145 lessons. Workbooks are consumable.