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Tailored arts programs: Possibilities for classroom wellbeing 


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Sunday 3 September 9:00am – 12:00pm
Lead facilitator: Greta Rollo, ACER  

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Tailored arts programs: Possibilities for classroom wellbeing

Lead facilitator: Greta Rollo, ACER

The promotion of wellbeing in classrooms has been an ongoing issue in the educational landscape. This workshop looks at ways to address the wellbeing of learning communities through the application of tailored school arts programs. Findings from ARC research project “Building Schools Through the Arts” will be discussed and a tool that assists school leaders in collaboratively planning tailored arts programs to maximise the possibility of targeted and sustained outcomes will be shared. 

Additionally, this masterclass will support attendees to consider tailored arts programs that centre on whole community approaches to wellbeing and teacher professional learning in early childhood and primary school settings. These programs have been designed to promote the wellbeing and growth of both students and teachers, strengthen student-teacher relationships, and form a bridge that spans across areas of learning for young people. Drawing on research and practice in the field of music therapy and critical inclusive education, presenters will illustrate the potential of such approaches with case studies from early childhood and primary school settings.  

Attendees of this masterclass will be challenged to reflect on their own practice context by considering: 

  • How can tailored arts programs promote students’ readiness to learn? 
  • How might tailored arts programs support teachers to gather holistic assessment data foregrounding student voice? 
  • How can tailored arts program foster the successful transition of young people from early childhood settings to school? 

Participants of this masterclass will receive access to Part A of the ‘School Arts Program Decision Matrix” to prompt their reflection about how a tailored school arts program might best work at their education setting, and be provided with information about funding options. 

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It will bring together leading international and Australian researchers to provide insights into the best ways to identify, conceptualise, develop and assess these new linkages for learning.

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