New Salford Sentence Reading Test - Fourth Edition (SSRT-4)

Author(s) : Colin McCarty and Marie Lallaway

Publisher : Hodder Education, 2012


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New Salford Sentence Reading Test 4th ed. (SSRT-4) Test Cards (A,B,C)

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New Salford Sentence Reading Test 4th ed. (SSRT-4) Comprehension Cards (A,B,C)

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Please note: The SSRT-4 while stocks last. Please refer to the new fifth edition here.

Purpose: To assess individual reading progress based on a series of sentences of graded difficulty

Age: 5–13+ years

Time: 4–5 minutes

The New Salford Sentence Reading Test 4th ed. (SSRT-4) is a simple and quick individual test of oral reading based on sentences of carefully graded difficulty.

The new edition provides:

  • Three parallel forms, enabling closer progress monitoring, with additional sentences to sharpen the assessment focus at both ends of the age/ability spectrum
  • New comprehension questions, which allow you to assess understanding as well as reading accuracy
  • Easy of scoring, diagnostic analysis and monitor progress with the Record Sheet
  • Efficiency - The test can take as little as 4 minutes per pupil
  • Extended test ‘ceiling’ for less able readers 13+ years of age
  • The laminated cards for Forms A, B and C are reusable
  • One-to-one oral delivery plus everyday contexts and vocabulary make this test ideal for use with less able readers from about age 6.
Colin McCarty and Marie Lallaway

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