Say and Do Auditory Lessons

Author(s) : Diane Hyde

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

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Say and Do Auditory Lessons will improve your students' auditory processing at two skill levels, beginner and advanced. The activities allow students to focus on a particular auditory skill with increasing difficulty.

Lesson sheets target multiple vital areas of listening development:

  • Auditory Association - Wh- questions, Auditory Closure, Parts to Whole, If-Then, What's Wrong with the Sentence?, Listening for Main Idea, Similarities & Differences
  • Auditory Discrimination - Rhyming, Syllable Awareness, Identification/Discrimination of Initial Sounds in Words, Identification & Discrimination of Final Sounds in Words, Sound Blending
  • Auditory Memory - Memory for Words, Memory for Short Sentences, Memory for Long Sentences, Memory for Poems, Listening for Details
  • Auditory Reception - Yes/No Questions, Which Is, True/False

With reproducible activities that can be used again and again, this is a great resource for teachers and parents alike, and is suitable for Prep to Grade 5.

Diane Hyde