Say and Glue for Language & Listening Fun Sheets

Author(s) : Alyson Price

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

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Say and Glue for Language & Listening Fun Sheets provide fun, engaging and targeted activities for young children (PreK to Year 4) who have difficulty with various areas of language and language comprehension.

Children will love and enjoy the cut-and-paste format, while they listen and learn six important language skills:

  1. Categorising
  2. Telling what items are used for (functions)
  3. Following complex directions
  4. Following conditional directions (if…then)
  5. Retelling stories (semantic recall)
  6. Understanding basic concepts (25 basic concepts in all!).

Language & Listening has 94 two-part activities, each one with:

  • A full-page picture scene with artwork
  • An instruction page with 4-12 directions to follow. ("Find the ladybug. Glue it on the ground."), 3-5 language expansion activities. ("Name something a bird does.") and drawings of items to cut and paste on the picture scene page (e.g., bee, butterfly, duck, turtle, ladybug, and bird).

It also has easy-to-follow instructions, a parent/helper letter, extension activities for each skill, and two motivating awards.

So, get out your scissors and glue!

Alyson Price