Schedule of Growing Skills II User's Guide

Author(s) : Martin Bellman, Sundara Lingam and Anne Aukett

Publisher : GL Assessment, 1996

SKU : 501TI

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The Schedule of Growing Skills is an invaluable tool for professionals who need to establish the developmental levels of children. The individual assessment can be used at any time with children from birth to 5 years, enabling professionals to assess them as and when appropriate and convenient.

By using colourful and engaging toys like building blocks, a doll, pegs and shapes, the assessment makes the tasks feel like playtime to the child, allowing professionals to observe and assess reactions while the child 'plays'. Each record form allows for up to four assessments of any one child, providing a clear indication of progress over time.

For those that require further assessment, subsequent record forms can be utilised. A simple scoring system highlights developmental areas where children might potentially have a delay, indicating where referral might be necessary.

The Schedule of Growing Skills II User's Guide provides important information on:

  • How to correctly administer the assessment
  • A complete guide on completing the forms
  • Scoring
  • Interpretation

The User's Guide is available in the Starter Set or individually.

Technical information about the development of the assessment, and psychometrics, is available in the Schedule of Growing Skills II Reference Manual.

Martin Bellman, Sundara Lingam and Anne Aukett

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