SPAI Quickscore Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Samuel M. Turner, Deborah C. Beidel and Constance V. Dancu

Publisher : MHS, 1996

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The Social Phobia and Anxiety Inventory (SPAI) assesses specific somatic symptoms, cognitions, and behaviours across a wide range of potentially fear-producing situations to measure social anxiety and fear.

SPAI results are particularly useful when distinguishing between panic disorder, agoraphobia, and social phobia.

This 45-item test is an ideal screening instrument for schools, outpatient clinics, hospitals, residential treatment facilities, prisons and other correctional environments.

The SPAI Quickscore Form is a self-report form, with respondents circling their responses to all 45 items. They are required to choose on a scale of 0-6 how frequently the presented behaviour applies to them.

The carbonised sheet inside the Quickscore Form allows for quick and easy scoring by the examiner.

Samuel M. Turner, Deborah C. Beidel and Constance V. Dancu

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