SPM Manual

Author(s) : L. Diane Parham, Cheryl Ecker, Diana A. Henry et al.

Publisher : WPS, 2010

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The Sensory Processing Measure (SPM) is an integrated system of rating scales that enables assessment of sensory processing issues, praxis and social participation of children aged 5-12.

The set of three integrated rating forms (Main Classroom, School Environments and Home) provide a unique perspective of a child's sensory functioning at home, at school and in community environments.

The SPM Manual provides information on:

  • Features of the SPM
  • Administration (Home, Main Classroom and School Environments Forms)
    • Scoring
  • Interpreting Results
  • Child Disorders with Sensory Processing Involvement
  • Case Studies
  • Test Development
  • Psychometric Properties
L. Diane Parham, Cheryl Ecker, Diana A. Henry et al.

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