SPSI-R Long Quickscore Form (pkg 25)

Author(s) : Thomas J. D’Zurilla, Arthur M. Nezu and Albert Maydeu-Olivares

Publisher : MHS, 2002

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The Social Problem-Solving Inventory-Revised (SPSI-R) helps determine an individual's problem-solving strengths and weaknesses so that deficits can be addressed and treatment progress can be tracked. It is suitable for educational, healthcare, corrections, or business environments with people who want to explore and develop their social problem-solving skills.

The SPSI-R is a self-report instrument that consists of a long (SPSI-R:L) and short (SPSI-R:S) version.

The SPSI-R Long Quickscore Form provides a more detailed assessment with scores for all of the five scales, as well as scores for the four Rational Problem Solving subscales. The QuickScore Format ensures raw scores are easily calculated and converted to standard scores.

Thomas J. D’Zurilla, Arthur M. Nezu and Albert Maydeu-Olivares

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