Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales for Early Childhood (Early SB5)

Author(s) : Gale H. Roid

Publisher : Pro-Ed USA, 2003


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Purpose: To measure intelligence/cognitive ability

Candidates: 2-7.3 years (Full battery: 2-5-11 years; Abbreviated battery: 6-7.3 years)

Time: Full Battery: 30-50 minutes; Abbreviated Battery: 15-20 minutes

The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales for Early Childhood, Fifth Edition (Early SB5) is a specialised version derived directly from the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales – Fifth Edition (SB5). It provides a psychometrically superior and accessible test of intelligence for use with young children.

The Early SB5 can be used to:

  • Assess intellectual deficiencies, delays, and disabilities
  • Assess developmental delays In the cognitive and language domains
  • Identify developmental disabilities in children with limited English and other expressive language difficulties (by using the nonverbal IQ sections)
  • Plan interventions including individual family plans, individual education plans
  • Refer children for more extensive pre-academic and neuropsychological evaluations

Early SB5 has ten subtests. Two subtests – Nonverbal Fluid Reasoning (Matrices) and Verbal Knowledge (Vocabulary) – cover the age range 2-0 through 7-3 and provide initial scores for tailoring the remaining test administration to the ability level of the child. Toys, manipulatives and brightly coloured illustrations help engage young children.

The remaining eight subtests offer scores in the preschool range, from 2-0 through 5-11 to measure Quantitative, Visual-Spatial, and Working Memory abilities.

Testing begins in Item Book 1 with the two initial subtests, which are retained in their entirety and used to calculate an Abbreviated Battery IQ. All remaining subtests are contained in Item Book 2.

Online Scoring Option

The EARLY SB5 can be hand-scored or scored online with the SB5 Online Scoring and Report System, as it has the same subtests and items as the SB5, but just stops earlier.

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Gale H. Roid

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