Strength Cards for Kids - Stickers

Publisher : St Luke's Innovative Resources, 2017

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A companion resource to the Strength Cards for Kids, the Strength Cards for Kids Stickers feature all 40 of the Strength Cards in sticker format.

Use these stickers to help children to name, identify and celebrate important strengths, because all children need rich, ongoing messages about their inherent qualities, skills and potential.

Ideal for building self-esteem, discovering buried strengths and mobilising strengths to tackle problems, these stickers can be used by themselves or with the Cards.

Examples of how the stickers can be used in therapy and in the classroom include:

  • Use the stickers in your classroom's conversations about people's strengths
  • Brighten a child's day by popping a sticker in their lunchbox
  • School counsellors and pastoral carers can invite a child to choose a sticker as a reminder of a conversation you had together
  • Use the stickers to create ‘strengths-trees’ for your family or class
  • Encourage children by giving out stickers that match their strengths, or invite them to choose stickers for themselves and others
These stickers are not just fun, they are an effective and simple way to reinforce positive messages and show children that they are appreciated and valued. And these stickers have a very special message—all children deserve to be recognised for the strengths they already have and for the strengths they are developing. It is through building strengths that children flourish and learn.

Includes 10 complete sets on A4 backing sheets (total of 400 stickers). Each sticker is 56 x 41mm.